Identity and package design for brewery company Zhengshi.

Jimo Old Wine was once called laojiu, meaning “rich and mellow wine”. The colour of the wine is dark brown with tints of reddish purple, Crystal clear and transparent. Its semi-sweet and bold taste is made from millet from the banks of the Moshui River, wheat based ferment and mineral water from Laoshan. Jimo Old Wine also rich in nutrient and amino acids, that’s why it’s so popular among seniors and women for its health and beauty benefits.

We developed series of calligraphy and artwork inspired from old Chinese brewing business. this dark and bold design approach not only made brand/packaging visual in a strong relation to its history and flavour, but also an expression of Jimo Old wine’s spirit: honest and hard-working.

Client: Zhengshi Brewery

Branding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Concept

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